The Election is Coming – Edwin Drood Cast Wants Your Vote! Today: Stephanie J. Block

Dastardly deeds! Shady Characters! Personal Attacks! Secrets! Lies! Mayhem! An unpredictable ending determined by democratic vote! The U.S. presidential election and The Mystery of Edwin Drood have quite a lot in common. Just as Americans are breathing a sigh of relief that the debates are over, the characters of Drood are stepping into the political arena with their own campaigns.

me with attractive people, part two: Stephanie J. Block.

(or, my favorite person in the whole universe.)

Stephanie J. Block and David Garrison (1st National Tour)

Kendra Kassebaum and Stephanie J. Block (1st National Tour rehearsals)

Stephanie J. Block and Kendra Kassebaum

Stephanie J. Block, 1st National Tour rehearsals


Happy Birthday Stephanie J. Block!

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