fanmix: rise up again (a mix for the guardians)

woo new mix!


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1. it feels like christmas - ‘muppet christmas carol’ soundtrack {north}

wherever you find love, it feels like christmas.

2. to the fairies they draw near, part II - loreena mckennitt, ‘tinker bell’ soundtrack [toothiana}

come away with me now to the sky, up o’er the hills and the sea / far beyond where memories lie, to a place where i’m free to be me.

3. hoppípolla - sigur rós {bunnymund}

spinning in circles / holding hands / jumping into a puddle (and i get a nosebleed / but i’ll always stand up again)

4. dreaming - ‘coraline’ soundtrack [sandman}


5. permafrost - loreena mckennitt {jack}

sometimes i feel like i’m permafrost / alone in the tundra and really lost

6. mad tom of bedlam (robber’s ball remix) - charlene kaye {pitch}

tonight i’ll go a-murdering the man in the moon to a powder / his staff i’ll break and his dog i’ll shake and i’ll howl a wee bit louder

7. team - bon iver


8. near light - ólafur arnalds


9. timshel - mumford & sons

and you are not alone in this / as brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand

10. the year turns round again - ‘war horse’ london cast recording

there will come a time of great plenty, a time of good harvest and song / the new year will rise up again

11. rainbow sleeves - julia murney

and the heart keeps young dreams (or i’ve been told) / to keep from ever growing old / just hang on to my rainbow sleeves

throw your soul through every open door - a Caroline mix.

look what I did! i got off my butt and put something together for portal fandom appreciation week! it’s been sitting in my itunes long enough, might as well fix it up and send it out. (it was my caveline playlist. then i realized it was mostly caroline songs. i might make a cave mix-appendix sometime. spoilers: it’s ‘the scientist’ and ‘little lion man’.)


throw your soul through every open door // a Caroline mix

1. pure imagination- gene wilder / 2. temporal dominoes- marian call / 3. poster of a girl- metric / 4. strangeness and charm- florence and the machine / 5. the alternate world waltz- lisa debenedictis / 6. i’m a broken heart- the bird and the bee / 7. when the love falls (string version)- yiruma / 8. to darkness (live)- mumford and sons / 9. human- ellie goulding / 10. runaway- the national / [bonus] rolling in the deep- the piano guys


what's in the hold of your mind? | clareironbrook | 8tracks

Just a reminder that all of my fanmixes are now exclusively on 8tracks. :)

(I actually really like the interface there, besides that you can’t see all the tracks at once. It makes it nice and pretty without me having to work at it, and I can edit my mixes whenever, which I kind of want to do upon revisiting them all for uploading.)

is now the home of my fanmixes. The download links on the mix posts or in my livejournal will no longer work- I deleted my account. If Mediafire’s not going to grow a spine and stand up to the US gov’t running roughshod over all of us, I’m not going to use their service. Also if they go digging in there, I think there will be a lot of people in trouble, if they really bother to do it ‘right’. I want to be able to use my life savings to finish school and, you know, not be in jail.

Anyway, if anyone is really interested in having a particular mix or track as a download, message me and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


fanmix: “Ever In Your Favor” (THG)


In commemoration of the trailer release, have a reblog of my THG fanmix.

fanmix: “for science. you monster.” (GLaDOS, Portal/Portal 2)

1. you know her? - portal 2 ost | 2. hey pretty - poe | 3. killer queen - queen | 4. last man - jed whedon and the willing | 5. my medea - vienna teng | 6. sun of a gun - oh land | 7. the operation - charlotte gainsbourg | 8. blinding - florence + the machine | 9. hybrid - elsiane | 10. science vs. romance - rilo kiley | 11. human - oh land | bonus: still alive (acoustic) - jonathan coulton

details + download at my livejournal

(listen here at 8tracks)

fanmix: “the charmed circle” (Wicked, Act 1/’Gillikin’)

1. pretty down to your bones - the hush sound | 2. orbital - josh ritter | 3. uptown girl - billy joel | 4. so she dances - josh groban | 5. the dress looks nice on you - sufjan stevens | 6. they’re in love, where am I? - the weepies | 7. after all - sondre lerche | 8. of longing and otherness - hannah fury | 9. the bomb - bitter:sweet | 10. helplessness blues - fleet foxes

details + download at my livejournal

(listen here at 8tracks)

looking for paradise (in my living room): Fanmix! "What's In The Hold Of Your Mind" (Chell, Portal 2)


(I forgot how hard it is to get these written up. It takes forever)

Anyway, because I fanmix everything I love-

1. black gold blues - laura veirs | 2. the spine song - cake bake betty | 3. enemy - jesca hoop | 4. wolves - phosphorescent | 5. since you’ve been around - rosie…

Updated with individual d/l links in the post. Enjoy :)

fanmix: “stadium love” (p/k/g, the hunger games)

part 1 (gale): spine - page france | till kingdom come - coldplay | if it kills me (from the casa nova sessions) - jason mraz | the fire - imogen heap | apologies - grace potter & the nocturnals

part 2 (katniss): pink bullets - the shins | the hazards of love 4 - the decemberists | if i could see you again - yiruma | fall apart today - schuyler fisk | the pilgriming vine - basia bulat

part 3 (peeta): middle distance runner - sea wolf | i’ll be - edwin mccain | what i wouldn’t do - a fine frenzy | lie to me - greg laswell | flowers of the field - sky sailing

details + download at my livejournal

fanmix: “it’s a fool’s errand, love” (portal 2, chell/wheatley)


1. i am not a moron!-portal 2 ost | 2. you were a kindness - the national | 3.  9 crimes - damien rice | 4. you really got a hold on me - she & him | 5. getting scared - imogen heap | 6. mr. pitiful - matt costa | 7. blue blood - foals | 8. if i could see you again - yiruma | 9. come back when you can - barcelona

details + download at my journal

updated with individual d/l links in the post. enjoy.

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