For cavejohnsonaperturedroid.

They requested Caveline, and I figured a little tie-fixing fluff was in order.

I’m tired of being my best.

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A very late Portal Secret Santa, part 1 (caveline, 1563 wds)

(Okay, a foreword. This was originally meant for the Portal Secret Santa exchange…like two years ago. I made a point of finishing it this year, and here it is. This is also the first fic I’ve published in about five years. I wrote another oneshot too that I’m going to try to finish in the next few days (it’s still Christmas until New Year’s, right?) Anyway, Merry Christmas to the fandom. Enjoy.)

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I just had a Caveline conversation with two girls at dinner

Halloween is obviously a magical time.


Oh My God I think I’m dead.

This is my lovely Portal Secret Santa gift from the astounding rubitinmyeyes! It is also the best thing of all the things I have seen ever. :D

Thank you so much! This is glorious.

*incoherent flailing*



You know the drill…

I love how they look like they could be from an old magazine ad from the 60s.  Such a great painting!

throw your soul through every open door - a Caroline mix.

look what I did! i got off my butt and put something together for portal fandom appreciation week! it’s been sitting in my itunes long enough, might as well fix it up and send it out. (it was my caveline playlist. then i realized it was mostly caroline songs. i might make a cave mix-appendix sometime. spoilers: it’s ‘the scientist’ and ‘little lion man’.)


throw your soul through every open door // a Caroline mix

1. pure imagination- gene wilder / 2. temporal dominoes- marian call / 3. poster of a girl- metric / 4. strangeness and charm- florence and the machine / 5. the alternate world waltz- lisa debenedictis / 6. i’m a broken heart- the bird and the bee / 7. when the love falls (string version)- yiruma / 8. to darkness (live)- mumford and sons / 9. human- ellie goulding / 10. runaway- the national / [bonus] rolling in the deep- the piano guys




Opps I Caveline’d again.

She’s so elegant and feminine.

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