fanmix: rise up again (a mix for the guardians)

woo new mix!


(cover image source here)


1. it feels like christmas - ‘muppet christmas carol’ soundtrack {north}

wherever you find love, it feels like christmas.

2. to the fairies they draw near, part II - loreena mckennitt, ‘tinker bell’ soundtrack [toothiana}

come away with me now to the sky, up o’er the hills and the sea / far beyond where memories lie, to a place where i’m free to be me.

3. hoppípolla - sigur rós {bunnymund}

spinning in circles / holding hands / jumping into a puddle (and i get a nosebleed / but i’ll always stand up again)

4. dreaming - ‘coraline’ soundtrack [sandman}


5. permafrost - loreena mckennitt {jack}

sometimes i feel like i’m permafrost / alone in the tundra and really lost

6. mad tom of bedlam (robber’s ball remix) - charlene kaye {pitch}

tonight i’ll go a-murdering the man in the moon to a powder / his staff i’ll break and his dog i’ll shake and i’ll howl a wee bit louder

7. team - bon iver


8. near light - ólafur arnalds


9. timshel - mumford & sons

and you are not alone in this / as brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand

10. the year turns round again - ‘war horse’ london cast recording

there will come a time of great plenty, a time of good harvest and song / the new year will rise up again

11. rainbow sleeves - julia murney

and the heart keeps young dreams (or i’ve been told) / to keep from ever growing old / just hang on to my rainbow sleeves

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